I'm not a veteran, can I buy a shirt?

In order for our unique networking model to work, we ask that only veterans wear our shirts. If you want to buy one for a friend or relative who served, please buy away! Nobody is going around policing who wears our gear, but its just like the stolen valor thing. Veterans frown upon those pretending to be one of us. *We are currently working on a design strictly for non-veterans who support us though, so check back or send us your suggestions!

Do you guys support any other causes?

Absolutely. 15% of all profits go to organizations either working to prevent deaths on the battlefield, or suicides back home.  

I served in the military in another country, have a design for me? 

Absolutely! You can buy any of our shirts, but in case you don't like our flag logo, our Shield logo is specifically created to be a neutral design- just like Switzerland! You've been there, so of course you rate the shirt. American servicemembers love meeting fellow veterans from all over the world and talking shop while making new friends, so please wear it proudly. 

Aren't there plenty of other "veteran" clothing companies?

Other clothing brands that cater to veterans also make designs applicable to hunters, police officers, firemen, firearm aficionados, etc. Which is smart business, because more customers is always better in the traditional business sense. We love and support all of these demographics, but we aren't focusing on profits. When everybody wears the clothing, it no longer helps any one group recognize each other.  

How do I wash and dry my shirt/sweatshirt?

All of our products should be washed inside out and dried on LOW heat. Almost all of our garments are Cotton/Polyester blends to reduce shrinking (and increase comfort!), but some shrinking can occur which may result in puckering of the design. If you do get puckering, just turn it inside out and hit it quickly with an iron and/or hang dry it next time. 

There is a defect with my product!

Yikes, sorry!  A small percentage of all screen prints have defects and we do our best to catch them during or after the printing process.  Please send us a photo and a description of what is going on and we will figure out a way to make it right.  

My garment had weird lines or wrinkles on it when I received it, why?

Those can appear when we press our logo inside the collar with a heat press. The wrinkles or stretch marks will come out on the first wash. 

Why is my shirt/sweatshirt a lighter olive or lighter tan instead of the military OD green or coyote brown I'm used to?

We specifically chose military colors that are less military in order to blend in better in the urban environment.  After all, the purpose of these shirts isn't to stand out in the city, or blend in in the forest/desert.  Read the About us page if you need more info as to why. 

Shipping took longer than anticipated or promised and I want heads to roll!

We understand your frustration, and we're really sorry. We're still a new company getting the hang of this and we're experiencing higher demands than we anticipated. Maybe our marketing guy is just too good. Contact us and we will make it right (without lopping off any heads). 

Do you ship internationally or to FPO/APOs?

We are working on offering it on our website, and are hoping to begin offering that by the new year. If you need international or APO/FPO/DPO shipping in the interim, please contact us and we can figure out a way to get you some gear!

Love your stuff but I really wish you also offered _______, or would add colors to an existing product!

Thank you! We love your feedback so please drop us an email telling us exactly that, and we will take it into consideration.  If we get enough requests for an item we will find a way to add it to our catalog!

I need a shirt/sweatshirt/_______ in a different color than you have, can you hook me up?  

We would like nothing more than to hook you up.  Contact us and we will see if our suppliers offer the garment you want in the color you want.  May take longer or cost more, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

Can you sponsor my fundraiser/VFW chapter/college veterans group/etc?

Drop us a line, and we'll see we can help!  We love helping veterans network and love fundraising for good causes just as much.