Been There, Done That

BTDT Gear: for those who have been there, done that

The name says it all, this is for those who have "Been There, Done That" or BTDT for short. Veterans need to be able to identify each other if we're going to look out for each other. We chose subtle but recognizable designs, because this is not about bragging or drawing attention to ourselves - it's about helping our brothers and sisters. With BTDT Association, we hope to make the veteran community as strong as the active duty community.

Veterans currently have no universal way to recognize each other in public, so we aim to change that. Sure, WW2 guys will wear lapel pins, and Vietnam vets will wear black and yellow hats, but many of us don't wear suits or hats every day. There are lots of clothing brands aimed at veterans, but their products are also designed for and sold to hunters and police officers, etc. We wanted designs unique to active duty and military veterans, so you know what it means when you see somebody wearing it.

Millions of veterans are hurting all around us, but there are also millions of veterans who want nothing more than to help them or hire them. We pass each other in public every day without realizing the bond we share.  We’re cut from the same cloth, so a simple symbol can save lives.

Its about time we put ourselves out there and make ourselves recognizable for those who need us most, our fellow veterans. We have felt alone and isolated, we have lost friends to suicide, and we are saying no more.

. . .

BTDT Association is a 100% veteran owned and operated company. We donate 15% of all profits to organizations committed to either preventing veteran suicides or unnecessary battlefield deaths.