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Humble Veteran Clothing (crazy we know)

Our clothing is designed to stand out and be understood only by other Veterans, but to look good to everybody.

When we can identify each other, good things happen - networking, job offers, friendships, and even saving lives. Your other Veteran clothing can't do that. Mainly because all other "Veteran" clothing brands sell to anybody willing to buy it. Not us. Our clothing is only for the ones who have "Been There, Done That."

Adjusting to life after service isn't easy. Veterans share unique experiences, but we can be hard to spot once we take the uniform off. Yet, study after study shows that spending time around other Veterans is the best treatment.

Our clothing is designed to serve a greater purpose. Our hats, shirts, and hoodies help us identify other military veterans, making the world feel a little smaller. In addition, 15% of all of our profits go to an organization that provides the world's best training for turning PTSD into Post-traumatic growth (PTG).

BTDT Gear is a Veteran-owned and operated clothing company, creating original designs to show our pride, start a conversation, and look good doing it. We've Been There, Done That - now we're making the T-shirts.

So go fill out your wardrobe, and know you're supporting something much bigger when you do.